Thursday, 15 February 2018

Contribute to OddBike on Patreon!

OddBike is a labour of love; I work full time in the motorcycle industry and devote my limited free time to work on the site and videos.

I refuse to accept any corporate sponsorship or advertising on any of my channels. My aim is to provide the highest quality content free of the meddling of the industry that has degenerated motorcycle journalism in recent decades. As a result I am able to profile whatever I see fit, and present the facts and anecdotes that most outlets overlook (or don’t dare share). Plus I feel it is an insult to the intelligence of my followers to blast them with the banners and advertorial crap that proliferates elsewhere.

That of course means that I run OddBike at a loss. I generate zero income from my work. While that is fine by me, as OddBike has never been about the money, it makes it difficult for me to find the time to pursue my subjects.

That’s where Patreon comes in.

I am fully committed to my followers and consider myself accountable to them and them alone. With Patreon, I am able to seek funding for my work directly from you, the people who read my writing and watch my videos. With your help I can expand the scope of OddBike and devote more time to writing, traveling and interviewing the men and women behind the weirdest and most wonderful machines in motorcycling. My ultimate goal is to secure enough funding to be able to devote myself to OddBike full time - but any little bit helps.

So I thank you for your contributions. Without you, my readers, OddBike would be nothing. I am forever grateful to you all for the opportunities this endeavour has presented to me, and I hope to do even more in the future with the help of my patrons on Patreon.

Perks for Patrons!

Anyone who becomes a Patron will receive access to the Patreon feed, where I will share behind-the-scenes posts and early access content that won't be available anywhere else.

Pledges of 10$ or more get our sweet OddBike vinyl stickers. Impress your friends, intimidate your enemies, and baffle strangers who don't know what the hell OddBike is.

Coming soon - T-Shirts! Once the ball gets rolling I'll be doing another run of OddBike T-Shirts, which will be available to anyone who pledges 100$ or more.

In the near future I'll be offering more input opportunities from our growing community of Patrons - Q&A sessions and suggested topics to start!

Visit the OddBike Patreon Page and:

Contribute to OddBike on Patreon
Contribute to OddBike on Patreon

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