Saturday 10 November 2012

Welcome, premature visitors

Welcome to OddBike, which will (eventually) be the collection of motoring miscellany and ramblings contributed by obsessive gearhead Jason Cormier.  Here, sometime in the future, you will find a series of painstakingly written accounts of the weirdest and rarest motorcycles and gasoline fueled misadventures from around the world. Jason is a consummate gearhead and part time wrenchmonkey with an obsessive personality and a degree in History - which he intends to put to good use by chronicling everything unusual that he finds interesting.

Seeing how this site is still under construction and the content remains firmly ensconced inside Mr. Cormier's skull, you won't find much here at the moment. So in lieu of any real posts please enjoy this delightful introduction, which I recommend reading in your head with the honeyed voice of Morgan Freeman. Someday, perhaps soon, there will be actual content to visit here.


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