Wednesday 15 July 2015

OddBike USA Tour Part II - Bonneville 2015

In the Fall of 2013 OddBike conducted an experiment. Rather than canvas for advertising or sponsors to fund the continued development of the site I appealed directly to you, the readers and fans of OddBike, to fund a 4000 mile (6500 kms) motorcycle research trip through the Eastern United States. Your contributions, while shy of the ultimate goal, were sufficient to make the trip a reality and gave me the opportunity to gather a considerable amount of photos, stories and research material that have served me extremely well over the past two years. The experiment was a success – the readers of OddBike, through Indiegogo, directly funded the maintenance of the site and the gathering of extremely valuable material for future articles. You helped keep OddBike independent.

The Trip
Given the success of the first OddBike USA Tour in 2013 and the good feedback I received following the publication of the travelogue and related articles, I felt it was due for a sequel. Personal circumstances prevented a trip from happening in 2014, so I'm pleased to announce that the OddBike USA Tour Part II is set to happen between August 23rd and September 5th 2015.

This year’s USA Tour will be travelled along a new venue. As I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, and "Part I" saw me traverse the Eastern states, it only makes sense that this trip should be along the Western coast. An important event is needed to justify such an epic trip, so what better than a stop at the Mecca of speed and performance in North America – the Bonneville Salt Flats, arriving just in time to attend the Motorcycle Speed Trials?
The basic outline of the trip is as follows:
Approximately 4000 miles (6500 kms) overall.
A period of two weeks aboard my 2007 Aprilia Tuono, camping as often as possible to keep expenses low.
Ride from Calgary through southern British Columbia, then across the border into Washington across the Cascade Mountain Range to join the Pacific Coast Highway.
Visit Mount St Helens.
Ride the PCH through Washington, Oregon and into California
Visit the Solvang Motorcycle Museum in Solvang, CA
Visit the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, CA
Ride the Mulholland Highway and make a pilgrimage to The Rock Store in Cornell, CA
Host an OddBike meet and greet in the Los Angeles area in collaboration with fellow blogger and OddBike supporter Alicia Elfving, aka The MotoLady
Head north through Death Valley and ride across the Nevada desert.
Attend the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.
Ride north through Utah, Idaho, and Montana, through the Craters of the Moon and Glacier National parks
I will be departing Sunday, August 23th, aiming to return to Calgary by Sunday, September 6th at the latest.

The Budget
Overall budget for this trip is the princely sum of 2000$ USD. In the interest of full disclosure, the funds are to be distributed as follows, padded slightly to deal with unforeseen circumstance while on the road:
400$ for fuel (estimate between 100-125 gallons, at 2.50$ a gallon average - I hope)
500$ for food (~30$/day)
700$ for accommodations (~50$/day)
400$ to cover miscellaneous expenses, gear, emergencies, and maintenance. The trip will consume a set of tires and require an oil change. I'll also need travel insurance and cell phone roaming coverage.

Why should I contribute?
Your support is more than simply paying for this trip. As on the first USA Tour, the material gathered and contacts made on this journey will contribute to OddBike’s future content. Rather than just take your money and funnel it into “site maintenance” (which, truth be told, is negligible you exclude the hundreds of hours I spend writing), I use your support to make these epic trips happen. Motorcycling is my passion and my life, and my only desire is to ride. So rather than have you pay for my work, you pay for trips like this and I keep providing the content for free, and free of advertising. You are supporting OddBike by supporting my personal motorcycling habit; I don’t ask for anything more… And I don’t ask very often.
Naturally, as on the first USA Tour, I will publish a lengthy travelogue detailing the journey and my thoughts.
No ads, no sponsors, no bullshit. OddBike is independent and always will be, and your support will keep the articles coming. With your support, I will only have to answer to one group, and the only group that matters: the readers of OddBike.
Contributors will be able to choose from a variety of little perks - small tokens of my appreciation, and visible ways you can show your support for OddBike. Be sure to include your shipping information to take advantage of these bonuses.
So I extend a sincere thank you to everyone who contributes and supports OddBike. Let’s make the USA Tour Part II a reality that will dwarf Part I in scope and content.
Other ways you can help
While camping is fun, I'm always grateful for a soft couch and a hot shower when spending long weeks on the road so if you live along the route and willing to open your home/garage to me I will be eternally grateful. Please send me an email if you can help.
I'd also be happy to meet OddBike readers along the way for a beer wherever and whenever possible, and I'm looking for suggestions for interesting stops along the way. Please email me if you have any suggestions for venues, or if you just want to say hello.
A huge thanks to everyone who contributes and shares the campaign. The support and kindness of my readers and my fans are what make all of this worthwhile.

The Perks!

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  1. Plan on watching this?

    1. Yep. And I plan on introducing myself to Guy if his entourage will let me within 10 feet of him.


    Are you still going ahead, even though Speed Week has been cancelled?

    1. The Motorcycle Speed Trials are still on schedule per the BMST blog. I wasn't going to Speed Week, I was aiming for the BMST.