Friday 8 May 2020

Zanè Laverda 650/668/750 Twins – The Other, Other Italian Middleweight

Zanè Laverda 750 S Formula Brochure
Laverda 750 S Formula

The vaunted Laverda marque needs little introduction. But I suppose we need to address why a whole series of production Laverdas would warrant an OddBike profile here on Bike-urious. Laverda has long been a fond topic of mine (see my exclusive V6 history on and the company has a long and proud history of producing fine Italian sporting machines, Odd or not.

Zanè Laverda 650 i.e. Sport Brochure
Laverda 650 Sport

There is, however, an entire generation of Laverdas that has been largely forgotten in recent decades: those produced at the Zanè factory through the 1990s. It is time to rectify that and introduce you to the last, and perhaps best, Laverdas that preceded the marque’s descent into irrelevance as a zombie brand punted into a dark corner of the Piaggio Group’s closet.

(Incidentally, for some first-hand experience with building and racing Laverdas during their golden era of the 1970s, I highly recommend you watch my conversation with Kenny Austin on the OddBike YouTube channel. Kenny’s first Laverda was a 750 SFC, to give you an idea of his fascinating history.)

Zanè Laverda 750 Super Sport Brochure
Laverda 750 Super Sport

To understand the Zanè era of Laverda we need to go back to the late 1970s, to the tail end of the Breganze factory’s heyday. Following the success of Laverda’s 650/750 parallel twins and 1000 triples, a new, modern, mid-displacement twin was developed to offer a lighter, more nimble machine in the lucrative middleweight category.

Zanè Laverda 750 SS Brochure
Laverda 750 Super Sport

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Zanè Laverda 750 S Formula II
Laverda 750 S Formula II

Zanè Laverda 750 Brochure
Laverda 750 Brochure

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